The Myth Surrounding Vegan Food

“Many times, people believe that vegetarian or vegan meals are bland or without taste,” said the restaurant’s manager Rolando Flores. “It’s very important that the meals have the spices and textures that will remind a meat eater that they’re possibly consuming meat when indeed they’re consuming something plant-based.”

The restaurant uses the lessons that Dr.Cooper uses in her clinic. For dairy, instead of using whole milk, she recommends using soy, nut or coconut milks. Instead of red meat, they use substitutes like nuts, grains, beans, tofu. They don’t use sugar, but sweeten with agave or dry fruits.

“The difference between us and other places is that we’re offering you food that is beneficial to your health,” Flores said. “We offer a lifestyle change.”

Most of the customers coming into the 10th Street spot have heard about it through word of mouth, he said. They’re friends of friends who learned about their in-house juices, meal plans or diverse vegan menu.


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